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Dissecting Marketing’s Seven Big Problems

dmorgan : June 25, 2016 1:26 PM : Blog Post

We all know that marketing has changed more in the past few years, than it ever has. And the future world of digital has forced corporations and marketing departments to acquire new skills and a new organizational construct.

Russ Klein, AMA CEO, has challenged the collective AMA community to address what he believes are the “seven big problems in marketing”.  AMA will be addressing these seven big problems this year from both an intellectual and an applied research perspective, and so will the PSAMA Sound Marketing blog.

Knowledge is not power. Power is knowledge applied.

Over the next seven weeks, this blog will address each of these “seven big problems” to give our readers information and insights on how these problems are impacting marketing.  These problems are defined as:

1. Effectively targeting high value sources of growth
2. The role of marketing in the firm & the C-Suite
3. The digital transformation of the modern corporation
4. Generating and using insight to shape marketing practice
5. Dealing with an omni-channel world
6. Competing in dynamic global markets
7. Balancing incremental and radical innovation

These seven big problems will provide us all with critical context in the new world of digital marketing.  As Russ describes the situation,  ”Context matters.  Context is the last frontier for marketers who know that mobile ubiquity and wearables powered by the Internet of Things are closing in on the holy grail of contextual understanding.”

Because context and managerial experience matters to marketers.  And to us at PSAMA..

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